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Mission Statement

"We will work with hard to reach young people to fully equip them for life, so that together we will transform our communities."

The vision is to be a national leading edge social enterprise that works with large companies and governments, to create a society where every young person can work without impediment.

Vine Access Centers

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Vine Community

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We are coining the term 'Community terraforming' to describe our community transformation agenda. The term refers to our aim in making our communities more habitable for young people.

Our Projects Include: property development, managed workspace, community businesses, arts programmes, sports and leisure facilities, retail and market space, town centre managementm building restoration, environmental improvement, community transport, education work, employment training, information services, community development, social provision, health centres, horticulture, agriculture and many more accross the West Midlands and Wales.

Welcome to The Vine Social Enterprises, explore the services and facilities provided by The Vine Social Enterprises including details of Project 390, Vines’, M-Factor and details of student involvement in Horticulture and Construction.

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Values & Mission

The Vine Trust has recognised that the employability needs of young people and the commercial needs of business don't always work well together. That's why throughout our 21 years in operation we have developed a number of 'Social Enterprises' which allow us to operate sustainable commercial businesses that engage with local young people. These 'incubators' are an ideal environment to help cultivate employable young people by offering real skills and experience across a range of industries whilst meeting the ever increasing demands of our customers. In a changing economic climate, the role of Social Enterprise is now seen as a major contributor in the provision of services to the local area, and we view our own social businesses as key player in our own community.

In early 2010, The Vine Trust received funding from Advantage West Midlands(AWM) and Walsall's Working Neighbourhood's Fund (WNF) to help develop and improve its Social Enterprise provision to achieve a greater sustainability, while offering quality training and employment opportunities to local young people.
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Vine Social Enterprises

is a trading name of the Vine Trust Walsall
Company No. 4370289
Charity No. 1093838
Registered in England and Wales
Registered Office : The Vine, 33 Lower Hall Lane, Walsall, WS1 1RR
Telephone : 01922 621951